1. All mods, hacks, programs are banned. (WMC and other mouse-window capture programs are allowed.),
  2. Toxic attitude and arguing with the host/moderator may lead to loss/disqualification,
  3. Refusal to show gear, inventory, and/or weapon swap will result in suspension,
  4. The Moor is to be cleared before dueling,
  5. Both players must signal the start of the duel,
  6. No offensive abilities or curses be casted prior to your opponent signaling the start of the duel,
  7. Towning or teleporting past Flavie and bridges may results in a loss. (Being pushed via KB mechanics is not, come back out and re-signal the continuation.),
  8. No use of houses (accidentally entering the house is excused - request a mediator to sit in house if it is excessive),
  9. No use of shrines or wells,
  10. Bridge maps should be used,
  11. For mixed realm events, Winners of the winner bracket sitting in final may chose the first realm they will fight. If there is tie, they chose the realm for ft1,
  12. Recasting is allowed,
  13. Ties are null duels,
  14. Refusal to duel results in a loss,
  15. Overly defensive play will result in dq,
  16. Players may not leave battle orders down or drop gear to rep life faster,
  17. If you get to very low life (& mana for ES sorc), continue dueling to the finish. Running to replenish may lead to Loss/DQ,
  18. Stream sniping is prohibited.


  1. No consumables other than mana potions, arrows, and bolts,
  2. No prebuffing. (Inventory/cube buff allowed. Procs from chance to cast should be reset between rounds if opponent asks),
  3. You may stack arrows and mana potions in the Blood Moor before starting a duel,
  4. No respecs/tokens between or during matches.


  1. No item charges are allowed with the exception of Oak Sage, Enchant, Teleport, and Heart of Wolverine,
  2. Doom, blackoak luna, and rising sun are banned,
  3. Slow is capped at 10%,
  4. Max resistance is 85%. (Exceptions are listed under class allowances),
  5. No more than 450 total cold resistance (Bonus displayed on character screen) or 420 total cold resistance with raven frost,
  6. Max absorb is 20%,
  7. Cannot use flat absorb in combination with % absorb to the same element,
  8. When using absorb (% or flat) do not exceed 80% max resistance to the same element (exception tgods/phoenix),
  9. No more than one poison damage small charm is allowed,
  10. Life rep is capped at 33, NOT including + rep from CTA,
  11. Only one item that grants CtC Life Tap can be worn at a time,
  12. When using Phoenix, all monsters must be redeemed before dueling,
  13. No "bugged ladder" items allowed (may be later allowed),
  14. No more than 66% Open Wounds,
  15. No more than 20% life leech.

2 Strikes will result in a Disqualification from the event

Repeated event disqualification may result in temporary suspension from events

Strikes may be issued by the host/streamer/helper/moderator discretion for offenses such as

  1. Being late,
  2. Refusing gear check,
  3. Being disrespectful,
  4. Breaking rules,
  5. Running to replenish,
  6. Dragging out duels,
  7. Stopping to flame,
  8. Guarding mana pool.

TPK/GM Rules (Not for tournaments, for community enforcement)

  1. Each team must be made up of different classes,
  2. No auradins,
  3. No poison abilities (poison nova, rabies, plague javelin),
  4. No lower resist,
  5. No conviction,
  6. No cold mastery,
  7. No more than -25 resist pierce.