1. Inventory must be fully filled (40 slots) with charms, arrows/bolts or throwing weapons. Nothing else,
  2. Duel time is limited to 30 minutes in tournaments. When time limit is due, current round is played to an end, and result so far counts. If result is a tie, another round has to be played in order to decide the winner in case of playoffs. Otherwise (groups match) the result remain as a tie.

Banned Items

  1. Bugged items are forbidden,
  2. The runewords Grief, Fortitude and Spirit (in weapon) are banned,
  3. Skills of other class cannot be used unless specifically allowed elsewhere,
  4. Items giving auras when equipped are not allowed (Exception: "Faith"),
  5. Items with "Slow Target by xx%" are forbidden,
  6. Items with "Knockback" are forbidden,
  7. Items with Chance to Cast "Amplify Damage" or "Decrepify" or "Iron Maiden" are forbidden,
  8. Items with Chance to Cast "Life Tap" are forbidden, (Exceptions: Barbarian, Trap-Assassins, Melee Druid),
  9. Ethereal items without indestructable or self-repair mod are forbidden. (Exception: weapons not used for melee attacks).

Item Limitations

  1. Maximum of 2 Rainbow Facet jewels per element,
  2. Items with "Reduce Enemy Lightning Resistance" count as 2 lightning facets,
  3. Blizzard Sorceress may not use any +% to cold skill damage,
  4. Maximum +40% to cold skill damage on Orb Sorceress,
  5. "Rising Sun" amulet and "Blackoak shield" are forbidden to be used as absorb item,
  6. Maximum of 35% open wounds total. Melee characters without ranged attack can use unlimited open wounds vs Sorceress and Necromancer (1v1 and TvT).

Limited Skills

  1. Poison damage dealing skills are not allowed on all characters.

Banned Charms

  1. Charms with poison damage are forbidden,
  2. Paladin defensive aura skill charms are forbidden.


  1. All resist limits in rules include resists gained from items, charms, Anya quest rewards and auras. Barbarian skill Natural resistance doesnt count in resist limits.

TvT Rules

  1. "Conviction" is not allowed in combination with more than two elements,
  2. "Battle Orders and - Command" from "Call to Arms" runeword are allowed in Team vs Team (Exception: characters using teleport)*,
  3. The use of auras that regenerate life counts as 15 replenish life (includes all team members),
  4. Max Lightning Resistance: "Thundergod's Vigor" + "LO"-rune vs teams that include an Orb-/Blizzard-Sorc and a Light.-Sorc** (Exceptions: Amazon, Assassin, Passive Paladin).
  5. * - Replenish Life from "Call to Arms" does not count if used only for casting "Battle Command and - Orders".