I. General

  1. All DCL Players are bound by the League Rules and the decisions of the organizers.
  2. The signed up Team composition may not be changed during the Tournament.
  3. Each Player may belong only to one Team. However, as part of the Team, he can sign as two characters (as a main and substitute character if a given mode allows it).
  4. Meetings of all Teams and Referees during the Tournament will be held on the Diablo League discord. Each team must be on a private channel that the Referee, Twitch Operator or Viewers (Viewers only with the consent of the Team) can join at any time. Viewers are required to mute the sound and muffle so as not to disturb or overhear the fighters.
  5. If full Team fails to be online on scheduled time and is more than 15 min late, it loses the Match.
  6. Only the Players playing the Match (without a Substitute) and the Referee may be in the game.
  7. If a Substitute Player is introduced into the game, the Player he replaces leaves the game. Substitution may only be made once per game, before the start of the round.
  8. Referee have the decisive say in all disputes regarding the fight or compliance with the rules and can apply penalties such as: warn (max 3, valid for whole tournament), repeat the round, losing the round, losing the match, removing the Team from the Tournament.
  9. Every Player may request the opposing Player to show in-game, take a screenshot or share the screen at any time for the purpose of quick and efficient verification of items, resistances, use of third-party programs, etc. Refusal, delay, changing location or visiting the stash will result in disqualification for the entire Team.
  10. In the event of a persistent lack of culture, Referee may apply a number of the above-mentioned penalties.

II. Fight

  1. It is forbidden to show hostility to Players on your Team or to leave it.
  2. The fight begins after the Captain of each Team writes "go".
  3. Difficulty level for DCL matches is Normal.
  4. The fights take place on The Blood Moor.
  5. It is forbidden to use mercenaries.
  6. It is forbidden to use of shrines and potions (there must be four Scrolls of Identification in belt). Accidental use of any shrine counts as death.
  7. It is forbidden to escape to the city, outside the Blood Moor or outside the area designated by the Referee during the Match.
  8. It is forbidden to toss any items to Players remaining on the battlefield.
  9. It is forbidden to leave any items on the map before the fight. Arrows are an exception.
  10. It is forbidden to enter the houses (accidental entry is excused).
  11. It is forbidden to use the spell of the Town Portal.
  12. It is forbidden to pre-cast from a stash in the city. Only pre-casting from the inventory is allowed.
  13. It is forbidden to use the reset token throughout the Tournament.
  14. Lag is not a basis for repeating the fight.
  15. Disconnecting one of the Players during the Match counts as death. Opposing Team is obliged to wait for up to 10 minutes.
  16. It is forbidden for a killed Player to leave town until the end of the Round.
  17. It is forbidden to play too defensively, without attacking, running away with low health (or mana for ES Sorc) to regenerate, avoiding or prolonging the fight and may result in disqualification. All cases of passive play should be reported to the Referee who, at his discretion, has the right to significantly narrow the field of play or apply the appropriate above-metioned penalty.
  18. In the event that all players in given Round are killed, both Teams are considered to be winners.


III. Forbidden item properties

  1. Slow Target, e.g. Cleglaw's Pincers.
  2. Using Spell Charges, e.g. Heart of the Oak having spell charges Oak Sage ; however, items with a chance to cast a spell on an attack are allowed (e.g. a 10% chance to cast a Lightning spell on an attack).
  3. Poison damage from items, charms. Poison is allowed only from skills like Poison Nova.
  4. Any items that grant any Aura, regardless of whether they are worn by a paladin or other class. The exception is the runic word Faith and Bramble.
  5. Providing % chance to cast any Curse.
  6. Ethereal items with no self-repair or indestructible property. The exception are weapons for characters that fight only with spells.
  7. Poison Lenght Reduced when fighting Poison characters.

IV. Forbidden items

  1. Amulet Rising Sun.
  2. All items illegally placed in the game with stats that differ from the original version of the item.
  3. Rune word Grief. The exception is Smiter, who can use it in TvT.
  4. Rune word Fortitude. Allowed in 3v3 and 4v4 for Barbarians only.
  5. Maximum number of Cold RBF is 2.
  6. Maximum number of Light RBF is 5 in 1v1/2v2 and 10 in 3v3/4v4. Griffon’s Eye counts as 4 RBF.
  7. Grand Charms +1 to Defensive Auras for Paladin.

V. Forbidden skills

  1. Skills from items (eg. Teleport from Enigma), unless specific rules allow exceptions.
  2. Necromancer - using spells Clay Golem, Iron Golem and Resurrecting monsters.
  3. Necromancer - using curses Decrepify, Iron Maiden and Life Tap.
  4. Necromancer - using spell Bone Wall in TvT if both Teams consist of Ama + Nec.
  5. Necromancer - can invest in Amplify Damage (AMP) and Lower Resist (LR) no more than 1 point.
  6. Barbarian - using attack Whirlwind with namelock (nlww).
  7. Barbarian - maximum level of Leap (including items) is 17.
  8. Paladin - can invest in Prayer and Salvation no more than 1 point.
  9. Paladin - using and having any point in Resist Fire, Resist Lightning and Resist Cold.
  10. Paladin - using aura Cleansing while playing in a Hybrid team.
  11. Amazon - using spell Slow Missle (SM).
  12. Amazon - can invest in Multishot no more than 10 points.
  13. Amazon - using attack Impale and Strafe.
  14. Sorceress - using spells Frost Armor, Shiver Armor, Chilling Armor.
  15. Sorceress - can invest in Energy Shield no more than 1 point.
  16. Sorceress - using spell Thunderstorm.

VI. Replenish life (RL)

  1. Maximum amount of Replenish Life is 33.
  2. The exception is:
    1. Sorceress using Energy Shield, whose maximum amount of Replenish Life is 7.

VII. Damage reduction (DR)

  1. Maximum amount of Damage Reduction is not limited.
  2. The exception is Sorceress using Energy Shield:
    1. 8% against Ele/Hybrid Teams is allowed.
    2. 0% against Melee Teams is allowed.

VIII. Block

  1. For characters using Teleport maximum chance of blocking is 65% at all times.

IX. Absorption (ABS)

  1. Each character can equip one Absorb per element, regardless of whether it is a Point Absorb or a Percentage Absorb.
  2. The exception is Cold element:
    1. Against Blizzard Sorceress, it is allowed to equip two Absorbs.
    2. Against Frozen Orb Sorceress only Necromancer can use two Absorbs.

X. Resistances (RES)

  1. Maximum Resistances are 85%.
  2. The total sum of Resistance to Poison is 175%, Fire and Lightning 205% and to Cold 225% or 320% with 1 Absorb.
  3. The exceptions are:
    1. Against Assassin - maximum Resistance is 80%. Doesn’t apply if Sin is teamed up with Foh or Blizz.
    2. Necromancer - maximum Fire Res is 90% and total Cold Res is 275% or 350% with 1 absorb.
    3. Barbarian's Natural Resistance, Assassin's Fade, and Paladin's Salvation do not count towards the total Resistance with exception of Poison.

XI. Teleport

  1. The only character that can use Teleport from the Enigma rune word is Elemental Druid provided that:
    1. Has no Absorbs, can however use Cyclone Armor.
    2. From Summoning skill tree does not use Poison Creeper, Carrion Vine, Solar Creeper. Can summon up to 1 Wolf or Bear.
    3. From Shapeshifting skill tree does not use any skill.

The rules apply only if they affect the game (e.g. a Sorceress using only spells can wear Arachnid Mesh with the Slow Target property, each character can put two fire Absorbs if there is no character fighting with this element in the opposing team).



  1. Ele - Team that includes Sorceress or Foh Paladin.
  2. Melee - Team that doesn't include Sorceress or Foh Paladin
  3. Hybrid - Team that includes Amazon and Sorceress.


  1. Kick - does not use Whirlwind from Chaos, can invest only 1 skill point in Traps.
  2. Trap - uses Traps, but does not use the Whirlwind from Chaos.
  3. WW - uses Whirlwind from Chaos, does not use Lightning Traps.
  4. Hybrid - uses Whirlwind from Chaos and Lightning Traps, but does not use Traps skillers.


  1. Blizz - uses Blizzard, cannot use Frozen Orb.
  2. Orb - uses Frozen Orb, cannot use Blizzard. Can invest only 1 point in Ice Blast.


  1. Foh - invested most of the skills in: Fist of Heavens , Holy Shock, Conviction Aura.
  2. Ham - invested most of the skills in: Blessed Hammer, it's synergies and Concentration aura.
  3. Smit / Charger - invested most of the skills in: Smite, Holy Shield, Fanaticism, Charge. Can use the rune word Grief (except 1v1). Does not use Blessed Hammer for other reasons than to break out of Bone Prison. Can use Fist of Heavens provided that invested no more than 1 point in Conviction aura and doesn't use any RBF.